Nettie’s Sponsored Swim

Seven year old Nettie Glandfield successfully swam a mile (64 lengths) in her local pool to raise money for Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.

Nettie’s father, Tom Glandfield, said before the event:

“If anyone is feeling particularly generous, our seven year old daughter Nettie is shortly going to try to swim a mile (64 lengths) in her local pool to raise some money for charity. The charity she has chosen is one close to our hearts – the Seaford Downs Syndrome & Special Needs Support Group (SDSSNSG). They are a very small, local charity, entirely dependent on voluntary donations, and have been extremely supportive of Nettie’s brother, Pip, assisting with speech therapy, activity sessions and music groups. Nettie will be attempting the swim on Sunday April 14th and your support will no doubt help her achieve her goal! Please follow the link below to donate and thanks in advance for anything you can spare.”

Nettie managed to complete her one mile swim in just a shade under 1 hour 15 minutes, cheered on by friends, family and members of the Seaford Downs Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group (SDSSNSG) at Seahaven Pool. Donations are still trickling in, and her web-giving page ( will remain open for another week, but the total raised so far is a shade under £1300! The event was entirely Nettie’s own initiative.

Pictured with Nettie is Pip, her four year old brother, who was recently diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and has benefited massively from the help of SDSSNSG ( Amongst other things, the charity provides subsidised speech therapy, swimming classes, music groups, drumming circles and family drop-in days for children with special needs and their families in and around Seaford.

In a post event Facebook post, Tom says:

“Well, she only went and did it! Nettie swam her mile this afternoon in just under an hour and a quarter. Literally water off a duck’s back as far as she’s concerned, but me and Lip are bursting with parental pride! The total so far is a staggering £1300 raised for SDSSNSG, so a massive thank you to all who have donated and all who turned up today, made flags and waved them and sent Nettie their support.

The link to the charity page is still open if you feel the urge…

Thank you.”

Thank you and really well done to Nettie and family.

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