Specialist Training Day 20/1

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Specialist Training Day 20/1

On  January 20th 2012, we hosted a two part specialist training day: Behaviour as Communication and Developing Speech Language and Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum for Children with Down's Syndrome.

Seaford Down's Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group Hosted an essential training day with two specialist guest speakers, designed to give you high quality knowledge to strengthen your confidence and expertise.

The morning speaker was Dr Warren Matofsky a clinical child psychologist who specialises in child mental health for CAMHS in East Sussex. Dr Matofsky talked about:-
  • How understanding a child’s social-emotional development can inform how we support children with the struggles of school life.
  • How we can support children with additional needs to develop skills to manage stressful situations.
  • Rigid behaviour management can obscure understanding of what a child is attempting to achieve by the behaviour and sideline a child’s emerging ability to self regulate. 

The brief training session was designed to helped you to use some of the ideas from attachment research to develop child focused support strategies and understand the range of emotions challenging behaviour can generate for staff. This was be done through a brief presentation, small group discussion and an exercise; there was a focus on practical strategies and techniques for promoting emotional literacy

Warren is a clinical child psychologist who specialises in child mental health and is currently employed by CAMHS in East Sussex. His current research focuses on group dynamics in schools.

The afternoon speaker was Rebecca Baxter MSc,BSc (hons), certmrcslt. Rebecca is a former employee of Downsed international. She is a highly skilled speech therapist and has delivered specialised educational programmes for children with Down’s Syndrome. She has also facilitated conferences, training teachers and professionals worldwide. During the afternoon session, Rebecca talked about:-

  • Developing speech language and literacy skills across the curriculum for children with Down’s syndrome
  • Improving speech clarity and intelligibility
  • Developing vocabulary and language understanding and production.
  • Supporting communication skills.
  • Promoting word reading and supporting phonics skills.
  • Strategies to improve reading comprehension.
  • Developing handwriting skills, independent writing and supporting recording.

The day was fully attended, with more than 60 people receiving training that day. Feedback has been hugely positive from all whom attended.

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