S.E.N. Youth Club

*** NEW PROGRAMME FOR 2022! ***

The S.E.N. Youth Club is for children 12+, it runs fortnightly and features age and ability appropriate opportunities for independence, away from parents and siblings if this is safely practicable and possible (we have a quiet area for parents!). The Youth Club will aim to safely expose children to real world social opportunities in a controlled environment.

Entrance Fee

One such experience is having to pay an entrance fee!. Don’t worry, though, as this fee will only be 50p (per child). The child will have the opportunity to pay this entrance fee.

We will use this to subsidise our “cafe”, so that the treats are accessible at an accessible price.


There will be a café at the session to allow the children the opportunity to purchase their own drinks and snacks. Here we will be selling chocolates, crisps and teas and coffee’s. Prices will be accessible, but unfortunately, we cannot control or limit visits.

Themed Nights

We hope to bring themed evenings to these sessions, things like a restaurant layout with menus on tables, bingo, quiz night etc. We are very open to ideas and suggestions!