Jane Pritchett’s Legacy

Jane Pritchett, former member of the Uckfield Festival Association

Jane Pritchett, who sadly died on the 28th of January, 2023 was a former member of the Uckfield Festival Association. The Uckfield Festival Association closed their doors in January and as part of its winding down, they decided to donate to local causes. Janes’s family requested that the association donate £250 in her memory as a charity close to Jane’s heart.

“Jane Pritchett, who died on 28 January, 2023, gave birth to the beautiful Lucy – a Down’s Syndrome baby – 40 years ago.  Jane raised Lucy alone so understands the challenges this brings.  As a result, Jane has always been very supportive of any organisation that provides assistance.”

Jane Pritchett’s Family

More information about the Uckfield Festival Association can be found here https://www.uckfieldfestival.co.uk/. The website is still operational and you can still read about their fantastic efforts there.

Many thanks to the Uckfield Festival Association for the donation of £250 and sincere condolences to Jane’s family at this difficult time.

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