Jon Davies Fell for Cash

Local father Jon Davies has thrown himself out of a plane from two and a half miles (13,500ft) in a tandem parachute jump on the 1st July 2013 to raise funds for the Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.

Jon Davies, who’s son Ethan is a member of the group took part in this extreme challenge to help raise funds for our charity.

Jon, on his Virgin Money Giving page says :

“On July 1st I’ll be jumping out of a plane at 13,500 ft in a tandem parachute jump. Not because I’m 42 and having a mid-life crisis, not because I want to find out just how many expletives I know and not because my wife dared me to, well, maybe a little of the last one but mainly to raise money for a local charity Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group.

What not many of you may know is that my son , Ethan (now 6), was born with a genetic abnormality that led him to develop epilepsy, Global Developmental Delay and Autism.

Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group have given Ethan and us as a family a lot of support. He’s learnt to swim through the lessons the group provide, which is something we thought we’d never see him do. They also offer sensory music and drum sessions which help his development, coordination and can help him learn to talk. We only access a fraction of what they offer. If you want to know more about the excellent work they do please look at their website

All the things they offer cost money, so, please, anything you can spare as even pennies can turn in to pounds.”

Jon has so-far raised £3,045 (which includes a £1 for £1 match up to £1000 from his employer Toronto Dominion Bank).


Jon after his skydive – made it in one piece!


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